About Us

Ads Babe

The company started a few years ago as a model agency. Soon we noticed that most of our customers used our services in successful ad campaigns on social media. So naturally we saw the opportunity and decided to help out with this kind of advertisement. We soon realised there is a lot of demand for ads of this type and the most important part is, they sell products like crazy!


We at adsBabe.com have specialized in Advertisement with products and brands on social media websites and it turned out to be one of the best decisions we could make. 

With a lot of successful Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media ad campaigns behind us. We hope you will trust us with your next ad, and help us help you!


This is how the process usually goes!

Simple start

Provide us the text to be used in the videos, and we’ll handle the rest


As soon as the script is done we will schedule them in our project timeline!


We will acquire footage and promo material that we will convert into your specific ad.


Photos and videos will be collected, edited and enhanced. After the ad is complete, we will back everything up to our servers for security until you download it!


Our editors will convert the raw videos into highly edited video and photo ads that you can later use in your campaigns!


After everything is done, you get to make choices on what should be changed. When you are happy with everything, we will ship it to you in the formats you requested!



Upon everything being done, you will receive it via email to you!